About Us


Cinnamon Aitch are dedicated to bringing you beautiful, contemporary greetings cards.

Sara and Sarah (that’ll be the ‘aitch’) founded Cinnamon Aitch in 1995 and have been making cards since the year 2000.  We love the industry and designing cards makes us very happy people!

All of the artwork is either designed by us in our sunny studio in Birmingham or commissioned/licensed from artists that we love.  The cards are then carefully and lovingly made by our fabulous printers and hand finished by our top quality finishing company.  We are very proud of the fact that all of the cards are still made in their entirety in the UK.

Over the years we have established an enviable reputation not only for design but also for the efficient, friendly service that we provide.

We hope that you enjoy the cards and that they make you smile on a cloudy day.  As you can see...we've just added some gift products to our offerings!  Available very soon!