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hand made soap

In reaction to the worldwide plastic problem we at Cinnamon Aitch have all recently made the switch from shower gels to soap.  In a search for lovely, natural soaps with no nasty chemicals we discovered these gorgeous creations & felt we just had to share them with you all.  Now, with a little added Cinnamon Aitch magic, we introduce the range as wonderful gift items for all our stockists to enjoy & share.  All made in the UK with natural ingredients.  Cold pressed, vegan soap with no palm oil, no plastics, no parabens, no SLS & no animal cruelty.  Due to the hand made nature, size and colour may vary on the soap bars.  Minimum weight 95g per bar.

We have an everyday range of 12 soaps.  These include six gorgeous soaps for general use, all different fragrances, plus a gentle, fragrance-free facial soap, a charcoal detox bar, a shaving bar, shampoo bar and travel soaps for both hair & body.

We also have a special limited edition range of four soaps for mums and four special soaps for the best smelling Dads - ideal for Father’s Day!  Coming soon are two special soaps for those special teachers out there,  what better way to say thank you. 


Retail price £5.99 each. 

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